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It is really heartening to see that due to concerted efforts of Forest Deptt. the tribal folk in one of the most undeveloped regions of Jhadol and Kotra tehsil of Udaipur are reaping the benefits of various income generating activities.

          The southern most part of Aravali ranges in Rajasthan, this area has remained backward due to its specific topography and inaccessible forest, mostly undulating and with a meagre part suitable for agriculture along water courses or in ‘nahla’ beds. The region is inhabitated by mainly Gameti, Kathodi and Garasian tribals whose income comes through minor forest produce, agriculture and small daily wages in different govt. schemes. Managed by Udaipur Central Forest Division the major geographical part (about 58%) of these two tehsils is under forest. The access to the remotely located villages and hemlets is extremely difficult.

Deputy Conservator of Forests, Udaipur, O.P. Sharma says that realizing the basic necessity of the tribals and availability of  foresty raw material in abundance, he came up with an innovative idea to use it for enhancing the economy of the tribal people. He identified some natural

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