• Helping 2G users to do Quick Recharges through SMS and Missed call
  • Vodafone customers can now recharge at Idea retail outlets and Idea customers can avail recharge at Vodafone retail outlets

Udaipur : To ensure customers in Rajasthan remain connected during the lockdown, Vodafone Idea Limited is enabling its customers to avail all services and recharges on the digital platform. Vodafone Idea Limited’s customer service teams are also creating awareness among customers on accessing and taking the benefit of digital platforms through video links, GIFs, dockets that explain the process for undertaking recharge and effecting bill payments. Recharge process details are also being communicated via my Vodafone app, my Idea app and enabled via digital wallets. Vodafone Idea is also requesting digital savvy customers to help their friends, relatives and neighbors who are not familiar with digital platforms. 

Vodafone Idea Limited is also helping its 2G customers using feature phones, to access Quick Recharge through SMS & Missed call. The process is simple and easy to understand. Customers in Rajasthan just need to send a SMS from their registered mobile number. In some cases customers will have to complete the process by giving a missed call to a designated number. A few examples are listed below:

Quick Recharge through SMS

  • E.g. State Bank of India : SMS to 9223440000

    SMS Format: Stopup<space>Userid<space>MPIN<space>VODAFONE/IDEA<space>10 digit Mob No<space>Amount

  • ICICI Bank: SMS to 9222208888 : MTOPUP<space>IDEA/VODAFONE<space>10 digit Mob No<space>Amount<space>Last 6 digits of Bank Acc
  • Axis Bank: SMS to 9717000002 / 5676782 : MOBILE<space>10 digit Mob No<space>Idea/Vodafone<space>Amount<space>Last 6 digits of Bank Acc
  • Kotak Bank : SMS to 9971056767 / 5676788 : REC<space>10 digit Mob No<space> VODAFONE/IDEA<space>Amount<space>Last 4 digits of Bank Acc
  • IndusInd Bank : SMS to 9212299955: MOB<space>10 digit Mob No<space> VODAFONE/IDEA<space>Amount<space>Last 4 digits of Debit card

Quick Recharge through SMS and Missed call

  • E.g.  RBL Bank : SMS to 5607011

    1st Step SMS:  ACT<space> VODAFONE/IDEA<space>Amount<space>Last 5 digits of Bank Acc

   Confirm your recharge by giving a call

2nd Step: Give missed call to 1800 5320610

  • E.g.  HDFC Bank : SMS and Call to 7308080808

    1st Step SMS:  ACT<space> VODAFONE/IDEA<space>Last 5 digits of Bank Acc

    2nd Step SMS: FAV<space>98XXXXXXXX<space>Amount

   Confirm your recharge by giving a call

    3rd Step: Give missed call to 7308080808

The facility is already live and can be used by customers using their registered mobile numbers.

As an additional convenience factor, Vodafone pre-paid customers can now recharge at Idea retail outlets and Idea customers can avail recharge at Vodafone retail outlets.

Vodafone Idea customer service personnel in Rajasthan have been going the extra mile in lockdown conditions to help customers’ urgently needing help on concerns. At several locations, customer service associate contact details have been put up outside the stores for customers needing personal intervention. Senior customer service managers have also been monitoring and attending to customer requirements varying from KYC compliance, SIMEX procedures as well as handset re-setting.

At a national level, Vodafone Idea has set up virtual war rooms where key team members are participating through audio and video conference calls. Senior team members from operations / circles / SNOC and partners are continuously on call with field to ensure uptime and operational continuity.

VIL Network engineers are working in the field with utmost care by following the social distancing protocols.

Other Examples:

  • Daily briefings on Safety, Social distancing to all field and non-field staff
  • Drive test teams, FRT, Patrollers provided with masks, gloves and sanitizers
  • Daily stock taking of well-being of team members
  • NW team connected 24×7 over phone/mails/whatsapps/VCs
  • Vehicles are tagged with “Emergency Telecom Services” stickers
  • Each field engineer carries 3 documents – DOT letter, Personal ID and Employee ID

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