Rock Phospate Majdoor Sangh (INTUC) accuse RSMML management of malpractice

Udaipur : The representatives of INTUC have accused the management of RSMML (Rajasthan State Mnes and Minerals Ltd.) a state Government Undertaking of unlawful labour practices in the organization.
The rock phosphate Labour Union of RSMML alleged that the management of RSMML is misleading the Chief Minister, Mining Minister and the Chief Secretary by providing incomplete and false information about the pending cases in the court related to Labour union and the recognition of INTUC as the sole body fighting for the rights of the laborers working in the mines under RSMML.

According to S M Iyer, General Secretaty, Rock Phosphate Majdoor Sangh (INTUC), alleged that despite the High Court’s decision to recognize the union till fresh elections is held. The management has taken over the union’s office and has refused to listen to the problems of the contract workers. He added that after the decision of the high court, the date of the union election is due to be announced anytime. The code of conduct is in force but the management has flouted the rules and issued transfer orders overnight of many employees to remote locations. All this is done under a conspiracy to threaten the employees and suppress the demands of contract workers.
The State President of the Union Jagdish Shrimali alleged that when he went to meet the Managing Director of RSMML he was humiliated by the director. He accused the management of insulting the representatives of a recognized labour union which is in power for almost 40 years in RSMML. He added that this is unconstitutional. RSMML management wants to stifle the voice of the union and the labor by creating dissent by threatening to transfer and lodging FIR against the workers. Management is trying hard to eliminate INTUC by adopting all kinds of illegitimate tactics.

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