Udaipur :  Sany India, a leading manufacturer of construction equipment, heavy machinery, and renewable energy solutions further strengthened its presence in Rajasthan by getting on board a dealer in the blue city, Jodhpur. M/s Jasraj Infra in Jodhpur will exclusively deal in sales, after-sales service, and spare parts business of Sany excavator’s product line.  M/s Jasraj Infra will provide service in districts of Rajasthan namely, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Barmer, Pali, and part of Jalore. The new dealership is viewed as a stepping stone for the success of the company as far as penetrating newer markets and business growth is concerned. Other Sany dealers present in Rajasthan are Shree Balaji Infraequipment Pvt. Ltd and Wilworth Techsol Pvt. Ltd in Jaipur and Udaipur respectively.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Dheeraj Panda, Director – Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support, Sany India said, “We are delighted to welcome a new dealer into the Sany Family. With the growing demand for our products, dealership expansion was the most prudent way to make inroads into untapped markets and gain potential customers’ confidence. We share an extremely good rapport with all our dealers and customers which in a way has become a vital impetus for our business growth.”, Speaking about future plans, he said, “The effort is to retain our leadership position and surge ahead with the same conviction of offering technologically superior and best in class products”

M/s Jasraj Infra has already started sales and service of Sany India machines in its territory. With the new dealer on board, Sany’s all India dealer strength has risen to 35 in the South Asia market. Sales through the expansion of the dealership network have been a lucrative strategy adopted by the company, who plan to add a couple of more dealers by the end of this year.

To provide round the clock customer service, Sany India has set up a toll-free number 1800209337 all queries related to sales and service.

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