HDFC Bank inaugurates blood storage unit in Udaipur

HDFC Bank Ltd. has set up a Blood Storage Unit in Udaipur, Rajasthan.Set up in MaharanaBhupalGovtHospital, a prominent governmenthospital in Udaipur, the blood storage unit will help reduce the deficit of safe blood available for transfusion. The initiative is a part of #Parivartan, the Bank’s umbrella brand for all its social development programmes.

  • HDFC Bank’s new Blood storage unit can store up to 1,800 units of blood
  • Existing capacity of the hospital storage unit is 1,200units of blood
  • Total combined storage capacity at MBGHospital is now 3,000 units of blood
  • According to reports, one unit of blood can save up to 3 lives

At a function organised in the hospital, the blood storage unit was inaugurated by Shri Dr.LakhanPoswal, Principal & Controller, RNT Medical Collegealong with Mr. Raghunatha Reddy, SVP, Operations, HDFC Bankalong with other senior bank officials.

HDFC Bank has been committed to work towards bridging the blood deficit in India since 2007 and holds the world record for organising the largest single-day Blood Donation Drive in December 2013. Over the last years 12 years starting 2007, the bank has so far successfully collected more than 1.2 million units of blood. During the course of these drives, it was found that increasing the blood storage capacities at various blood banks is as important as blood donation to ensure safe blood is available for transfusion. Subsequently, the bank has set up blood storage units in following hospitals across India.

The Bank hadalso organised the 13th edition of its national Blood Donation Drive across the country on December 6. This drive is part of HDFC Bank’s #Parivartan; its umbrella brand for all its social initiatives.“Blood is precious, more so in our country which suffers from an acute demand-supply gap.The setting up of a storage unit is another step to ensure that people in Udaipur have immediate access to blood in an emergency.As a socially responsible corporate citizen, we are always looking at ways in which we can bring about #Parivartan in the lives of general populace.”said Mr. BhaveshZaveri, Head, Operations, HDFC Bank.

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