Hindustan Zinc’s Integrated Annual Report ranks among top 3 Indian Integrated Reports at LACP Spotlight Awards 2023

Udaipur : Hindustan Zinc, a Vedanta Group company in Zinc, Lead, and Silver business, has been recognized for the 4th consecutive time at the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP). Hindustan Zinc’s fourth Integrated Annual Report showcasing the theme of ‘Achieving More Milestones Chasing New Horizons’ bagged a gold award for excellence within the report’s competition class and has been ranked among top 3 Indian integrated reports at LACP Spotlight Award. The company’s journey for excellence has also enabled it to be recognized among the very best judged entries with a score of 98 out of 100 and amongst the Top 100 Communication Materials worldwide.

After the historic year ofmany milestones, FY 2022-23steered towards new horizons and landmark of achievements that Hindustan Zinc witnessed with record 1 million tonne metal production. The report showcases every aspect of the company’s strategic approach and futuristic vision for sustainability-driven operations, and the inclusive social & environmental growth of its business. The report captures the buoyancy of this spirit mapped by many such game-changing moments, which has inspired the company’s progress giving each of its stakeholders, a whole lot of horizons and milestones to achieve and celebrate throughout the year. It showcases the optimism with which the companyis progressing on its journey focussed on innovation, investment, efficiencies, diversification, integration, growth and value creation. LACP Spotlight Awards aims to facilitate discussion on best-in-class practices observed in the communications domain and recognizing those who demonstrate exemplary communications capabilities. Hindustan Zinc won top scores across the evaluation parameters of overall narrative, overall visual design, creativity, message clarity and perceived relevance. The company’s win is among an elite group of the who’s who of global Fortune companies at LACP.

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