India Post Payments Bank enter into MoU with Hindustan Zinc to offer financial inclusion services to its CSR beneficiaries

India Post Payments Bank & Hindustan Zinc sign an MoU to foster economic growth and bring financial inclusion in the lives of rural community beneficiaries under CSR program.

The collaboration will bridge the gap and ensure financial assistance for 3.5 Lakhs + beneficiaries covering SHG women, farmers, & youth thus ensuring easy access to opening bank accounts, access to pension products, long-term savings, and investment schemes etc.

Udaipur : In a groundbreaking alliance set to transform the financial landscape of rural Rajasthan, India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) & Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL – a subsidiary of Vedanta Group) join forces to pioneer inclusive financial solutions. The collaboration will ensure in creating a lasting impact on the lives of community beneficiaries around Hindustan Zinc’s operational areas. The MoU between India Post Payments Bank & Hindustan Zinc was signed by Shri. Gursharan Rai Bansal – Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, IPPB, and Shri. Arun Misra – CEO, Hindustan Zinc.

“Joining hands with Hindustan Zinc Ltd. to provide financial inclusion services to its beneficiaries will help IPPB foray into the domain of serving population benefitted by the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities by prominent corporates in India. This alliance with HZL marks a very important milestone for us to expand our ambit of doorstep banking service delivery to the unserved and underserved people in this country” said Mr. Gursharan Rai Bansal, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, IPPB.   

On the occasion, Mr Arun Misra, CEO, Hindustan Zinc shared “This transformative alliance with India Post Payments Bank reflects our dedication to empowering communities. By merging our strengths with IPPB, we aim to redefine financial inclusion and empower our community beneficiaries with access to advance financial services. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to making a meaningful impact on lives, fostering economic resilience, and driving positive change in the communities we serve.”

The key services provided by IPPB will ensure Financial Inclusion and ensure aid for opening bank accounts, access to pension products, long-term savings, and investment schemes. It will further aid in providing support and Empowering 3.5 Lakhs+ beneficiaries covering SHG women, farmers, and youth to become Individual Business Correspondents for various IPPB services.

It will additionally promote government social welfare Schemes through IPPB banking channels and assisting beneficiaries in availing income-generating loans through IPPB’s lending partners.

With this collaboration IPPB, a public limited company under the Department of Posts, reinforce its commitment to reach out to the last mile with best-in-class digital banking services. The partnership also underscores Hindustan Zinc’s unwavering commitment to its social responsibility, contributing to the sustainable development of the regions it operates in, and solidifies its reputation as a leader in driving positive change. The MoU signing event was conducted in the presence of dignitaries from both India Post Payments Bank & Hindustan Zinc including, Mr Vishwanath Divya (AGM Marketing) & Ms. Anupam Nidhi – Head CSR (HZL). 

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