Kotak Mutual Fund launches new ad campaign that brings SIP to life, Introduces Mr. SIP!

Udaipur : Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company (Kotak Mutual Fund) becomes the first fund house in the industry to launch a conversational Voice Bot – Mr. SIP, which will address queries related to Systematic Investment Plan (SIPs).

Nilesh Shah, MD & CEO, Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company said, “There is a large population wary of investing in mutual funds as they don’t have easy access to clear their doubts. Our Mr. SIP uses cutting-edge technology to answers all investor queriesso we can reach Kona Kona of India, as we believe SIP is one of the best ways to safeguard investments from market volatility over a long period of time”.

Kotak Mutual Fund will roll out pan-India marketing campaign spanning digital, radio, print, OOH, Television and other advertising & marketing mediums to introduce Mr. SIP to Indian consumers.

Kinjal Shah, Head – Digital Business & Marketingat Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company said,

“We have taken a new approach with the television commercial (TVC), where we have personified the voice bot as Mr. SIP, who demystifies the myths related to Systematic Investment Plans. Even our social media route breaks the norms of traditional BFSI communication by using ‘cricket’ anecdotes to explain queries related to SIP in a simple manner.”

Hyper Connect Asia, the agency of record, has conceived this integrated campaign. KiranKhadke, CCO & Co-founder, Hyper Connect Asia commented, “We were tasked to break the clutter in Investor Education communication and become synonymous with SIP. The idea stemmed from our research that showed consumers are still not clear on the many benefits of SIPs. Thus, we brought Mr. SIP to life – a go to ‘person’ for anything & everything on Mutual Fund. The integrated campaign is also supported by a web portal that empowers fence-sitters with interactive calculator, blogs and all the information they are looking on SIPs.” The self-learning, non-biasedVoice Bot will constantly upgrade itself based on the queries it receives, which enables Mr. SIP to provide optimal answers to investors. Presently, Mr. SIP will be available on kotakmf.com. One can also access the Voice Bot on Google Assist by saying “Talk to Kotak Mutual Fund” and by saying “Hi” on WhatsApp (9321-88-44-88).

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