Slice unveils its new Summer Campaign with Kiara Advani

Udaipur : With the aim of spotlighting an unparalleled mango temptation, Slice has teamed up with brand ambassador KiaraAdvani to unveil its enticing summer campaign ‘RasAisa Ki Bas Na Chalega.’ This campaign aims to reinforce Slice’s position as the ultimate companion for fulfilling insatiable mango cravings. Through a captivating brand film, it accentuates the irresistible mango charm that Slice offers to its consumers, mirroring the unapologetic indulgence of biting into a juicy mango. The campaign peels back the layers of Slice’s irresistible magic, transporting consumers to the luscious world of mango indulgence, where every sip is a journey without boundaries and inhibitions.

Speaking on the campaign, AnujGoyal, Associate Director, Slice and Tropicana, PepsiCo India said that as a brand, Slice is profoundly treasured in the Indian market, striving to provide the closest taste to the authentic mango experience. Our latest summer campaign reflects the quintessential Slice approach to savouring the mango journey. The TVC revels in the delightful messiness and pure indulgence of savouring a mango, emphasising how Slice embodies the true essence of the real mango experience, free from any constraints or inhibitions. Kiara’s captivating personality and on-screen presence have impeccably elevated the film, embodying an irresistible allure synonymous with Slice’s brand persona. We are confident that the new film will deeply resonate with our consumers, aspiring for Slice to become their preferred summer beverage this season.”

The film opens with the stunning KiaraAdvani preparing to dazzle the ramp, her attention unexpectedly stolen by a Slice bottle backstage. Enthralled by the irresistible mango allure, she grabs it, immersing herself in its unmatched temptation. In a surprising twist, a picture of a mango in the bottle comes alive and transforms into a real one, leaving her in awe. Kiara enchants the crew and audience by indulging in the captivating charm of the exceptional mango flavour with Slice, culminating in a show-stopping moment on the ramp where she confidently relishes and savours Slice, declaring ‘RasAisa Ki Bas Na Chalega.’

In a whirlwind of colour and flavour, the TVC celebrates the delicious chaos and unapologetic indulgence of biting into a juicy mango. With Slice, it captures the essence of this irresistible journey, where inhibition is left behind, inviting consumers to dive into a world where every sip is an escape into mango bliss and unbridled indulgence. Through the TVC, Slice truly embodies the messiness and indulgence of a real mango experience, making it the perfect companion for those seeking an authentic and uninhibited mango adventure.

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