Veeram Securities Ltd Breaks All Barriers Stock price Zooms 76 percent in a month

To Foray into Realty Segment

Udaipur : Veeram Securities Ltd. which is integrated as a wholesaler, Retailer and trader of branded jewellery and ornaments which in its recent board meet has decided to consider Rights issue of equity shares.

Increase of authorised capital by additional 50 lac equity shares of Rs.10 each amounting to Rs.5 cr.

Also board has recommended the name change to Veeram Realities Ltd. Currently engaged in jewellery sector, its Jewelries and Ornaments are designed keeping in mind the demand of various customers coming from diverse cultures and age groups. Its products have presence across different price points and cater to customers across high-end, mid-market and value market segments.  Veeram also does customized   jewellery.

Its gold & silver traditional jewelleries & ornaments are either made with kundan, gem stones, etc or just plain gold or silver.

With an impeccable eye for design, collection is created to fit into today’s modern world, but maintain a timeless appeal. Crafted with the highest attention to quality, every piece is sure to become a treasured heirloom. The product profile of the company includes Rings Bracelets, Necklaces  Ear Chain Earrings Pendants etc.

The share price of the company goung up by 132 per cent in last 6 months and over 76 per cent in only a month time and is currently at Rs.174.

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