57 Rural &Tribal Girl Students join Ringus College

Hindustan Zinc through their education initiative, facilitates advanced education of these girls from across 37 villages around its business operations

Company, so far has aided education of 569 girls from 5 districts of Rajasthan to join Ringus College

Udaipur : Hindustan Zinc,a Vedanta group company in Zinc-lead-silver businessthisyear, facilitates the education of 57 rural & tribal girls to joinRingus College post their higher secondary education. Vedanta PG Girls’ College Ringus which works and operates on the ‘Matri Mangal, Jan Mangal’ principle has played a vital role in facilitating career growth of more than 3,000 students. These girls come from areas around HZL sites across 5 districts of Rajasthan, including Dariba, Debari, Agucha, Chanderiya, Kayad, and Zawar.

Over the course of span, Hindustan Zinc, has supported the education of countless young women, facilitating their respective journeys towards success, and fulfilling careers.  A stellar example of the top-notch results enabled via Ringus is depicted through the story of Aarti Mali hailing from Agucha village. Aarti is currently enrolled in the 2nd year of B.A. and while expressing her gratitude towards the company’s education program she stated that the faculty, strategic curriculum, and infrastructure not only helped her become a better student but also encouraged her to participate in extracurricular activities and further plays a crucial role in her acquisition of a modern skill set and honing her personality in preparation for life after college.

 Similarly, Pinki Kumari, a resident of Rajpura village in the Rajsamand district aspired of a successful career which she stated would not have been possible without Hindustan Zinc’s and Ringus’ aid and support. Naziya Bano, from the Kothiya village in Agucha and a B.Sc 3rd year student at Ringus, shares similar sentiments and dedicates her achievements to her parents and Hindustan Zinc for supporting her career aspirations and bridging the literacy divide by enabling rural communities’ access to quality education.

Countless studies over the past few decades have shown definitively that girls’ education transforms not only communities but entire countries and, consequently, the world. HindustanZinc has prioritised Community Development programs as a focal point for their inclusive growth strategy. The company as part of its core philosophy of ‘transforming for good’, is driving forth the cause of girls’ education and is actively working towards aiding Girl’s education.

Hindustan Zinc, through its various education programmes, is working to bridge the literacy divide by enabling rural communities’ access to quality education. In pursuit of this aim, the Khushi Anganwadi Nand Gharprogramme focuses on improving health and nutrition and imparting preschool learning. The project, Shiksha Sambal covers the secondary and higher secondary education aspects and works to strengthen vocabulary and language ability amongst rural students. Under the Unchi Udaan Project, young talent from nearby areas is provided with rigorous academic coaching for the preparation of entrance exams like IIT and other reputed academic institutions. Parallelly, through Vedanta Ringus College, girls facing barriers in pursuing higher education are identified and provided a comprehensive scholarship. As part of empowering the specially-abled youth, the Jeevan Tarang project works on mainstreaming and capacity building of people with disabilities.

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