Amway India encourages consumers to make healthy living a conscious choice, celebrates National Nutrition Week

Udaipur : In an endeavor to highlight the importance of nutrition for healthy living, Amway India, one of the country’s leading FMCG direct selling company, celebrated National Nutrition Week. The celebrations were in line withPrime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent announcement onobservingSeptember as the Nutrition month under the National Nutrition Mission and converting it into a people’s movement. The efforts are aimed towards promoting healthy living, encourage a balanced nutritional intake coupled with a regular fitness regime to ensure one’s holistic wellbeing.

Commenting on the initiative, Ajay Khanna, Chief Marketing Officer, Amway India, said, “Today, health and wellbeing has taken precedence over everything else with a rise in awareness and appreciation for healthy living and strong immunity. Consumers are exploring newer ways to remain fit and healthy to further build awareness on this, we are creating innovative engagement platforms on how we can lead a better, healthier life by bringing nutrition centre-stage. At Amway, we strongly believe that smart healthcare provides unparalleled value to human life and believe that healthy living is a lifestyle choice and goes beyond just physical. In line with this,we are also celebrating September as the Nutrition month and has launched a unique monthlong initiative ‘Cook for a Cause’. Under the initiative, Amway India employees and direct retailers/sellers have pledged to cook and donate meals to the needy to support the cause of addressing Childhood Malnutrition in India.I am proud that every day our organization practice ways of ‘helping people live better, healthier lives’, which has been a core philosophy for over 60 years now.”

Commenting on the initiative,Gursharan Cheema, Senior Vice President – North & South, Amway India, said, “Nutrition has taken thecentre-stage and caused a shift in consumer perception towards preventive healthcare and immunity supporting products. The need for healthy living and proper nutritional intake has gained momentum. With a strong legacy of 80 years in supplementation and dietary support, we are uniquely placed to address evolving consumer demands real-time. In collaboration with our direct sellers, specifically health enthusiasts, we are building communities, bringing people together to engage and exchange knowledge on healthy living, benefits of a balanced diet along with the body’s nutritional requirement for its proper functioning. Therefore, our National Nutrition Week celebrations were aligned withPM Modi’s vision of promoting holistic nourishmentin India. We are aligning all our efforts towards catering to the rise in demand for immunity supporting products and the growing awareness around the importance of nutrition among our direct retailer/sellers and their consumers.”

Amway India organized an array of virtual activities and sessions spread over a week to promote holistic wellbeing and educate the direct retailer/sellers and their consumers. During the nutrition week, Amway India emphasized the importance of a balanced nutritional diet and fitness for a healthy life, through virtual engaging sessions on Yoga, heart health and the importance of proper nutrition for women in different age-groups. Additionally, there were curated sessions on the fun at home workout challenges, virtual health & beauty consultation and a celebration with Nutrilite. During these sessions, health experts also highlighted the benefits of Amway’s products under its marque brands Nutrilite to support holistic wellbeing.

In the recent past, Amway India has organized multiple digital activities to promote healthy living and spread awareness around the importance of optimal nutrition. The company in June commemorated International Yoga Day by organizing a one of a kind digital health and wellness festival focusing on yoga and holistic wellbeing. Amway India also launched its first-ever virtual fitness series, ‘Fit Hai to Hit Hai’ to promote and spread awareness about fitness and healthy living, through various engagement activities. Embracing the wave of digitization, Amway has scaled up these initiatives by making them virtual to reach a larger set ofdirect retailers/sellers Amway’s Nutrilite is a brand of choice among health enthusiasts as it caters to the evolving demands of consumers through product innovations in nutrition and herbal nutrition range. The Nutrilite range of dietary supplements are specially created for people who want to stay healthy and to help them bridge the gap in their daily requirements of vital nutrients.

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