Showcases Renault’s focus on disruptive innovation and will radically alter the dynamics in the B-SUV segment

To be first launched in India, followed by other markets

Udaipur : After the initial exhilaration created by the reveal of its showcar, Groupe Renault globally premiered the eagerly awaited Renault KIGER in India today. A brand-new compact SUV designed and developed for Indiabefore making its international debut, Renault KIGER is the latest in the line of revolutionary products to be launched by Renault in India. Just like DUSTER, KWID AND TRIBER, Renault KIGER will also change the dynamics in its segment and promises to be another gamechanger from Renault.

Renault KIGER has already made a striking presencethanks to its Stunning design, which depicts a very strong personality. Renault KIGER has been designed with a host of sporty and muscular elements and stands out as a true SUV. On the inside, Renault KIGER’sSmart cabincombines technology, functionality and roominess. Renault KIGER will be powered by a new turbocharged 1.0L petrol engine for more performance and driving pleasure. The engine has been tested for reliability and durability, and offers the latest technological innovations already featured on Renault’s global range. This high performance, modern and efficient engine will ensure aSporty drive and will be complemented by multi sense drive modes which offer the flexibility to best suit the customers driving preferences.

“After Duster, Kwid and Triber, we are now preparing for the launch of Renault KIGER, a modern SUV that is a perfect fit for the Indian market. KIGER combines the best Renault has to offer: our expertise in innovative cars with the creativity and in-depth knowledge of customer needs. A strong proof that Renault really is a game-changer,”sharedFabrice Cambolive, SVP, Renault Brand, Sales & Operations.

“True to the promise of the show-car, Renault KIGER is a robust, dynamic and generous SUV. Armed for travel in the urban jungle, we also designed it for the outdoors and to easily navigate any type of road conditions. KIGER has a distinctive SUV look and its long wheelbase enables great space and volume on board. Its ‘smart cabin’ has been specially designed to encourage sharing and convenience,”added Laurens van den Acker,EVP,Head of Design, Groupe Renault.

Renault KIGER will demonstrate the competence of India’s design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities and highlights Renault’s strong commitment to the ‘Make in India’ mission. In India, Groupe Renault has always focused to be disruptive and innovative which is amply proven with its product range. Renault will further build on this with the launch of the all-new Renault KIGER. 

Commenting on Renault KIGER and the importance of the India market, Venkatram Mamillapalle, Country CEO & Managing Director, Renault India Operations, shared, “Renault has continued to move forward in India and has navigated the challenging macro-economic environment, bettering the industry trends. We have managed this by our robust business strategy which includes our exciting product range, laser-sharp focus on quality and customer centricity and our aggressive network ramp up across the country. Today, we take another major step in India with the global reveal of Renault KIGER, our all-new B-SUV which will stand out as an excitingly sporty, super smart and attractively stunning offering. Following Duster, which made SUVs accessible to a large set of people, not just in India but across the world, Renault KIGER will once again make SUV aspirations accessible to a whole new set of customers and we look forward to building on our increasing customer base with this new game-changer.”


With its distinct, athletic design that is bursting with energy, the KIGER SUV combines urban modernity with agility, whichever road it takes. With its muscular bodywork that exudes sturdiness and dynamism, the KIGER is a real invitation to escape the urban jungle and experience a new kind of driving.

Sturdy on the road

The KIGER’S design was inspired by the KIGER show-car that was unveiled at the end of 2020. A sculpted bonnet that enhances the car’s personality sits at the front, above an impressive bumper. The wings boost the design with their pronounced shoulder lines, while the black sills and wheel arches provide further protection. The high ground clearance (205 mm) and functional roof bars heighten the vehicle’s silhouette and complete its bold SUV look.

Wheels built for adventure

At higher trim levels, the KIGER’S 40.64cmalloy wheels have a black diamond-cut finish for a sporty and stylish look. The protective wheel arch cladding makes the bodywork look bolder and sturdier. The 2,500mm long wheelbase places the wheels at the four corners of the vehicle, offering increased stability on any type of road while optimising the space inside the car, providing optimum comfort for each passenger and boot volume of 405 Litres that is unrivalled in the segment.

Strong and agile, athletic curves

The top of the KIGER boasts a dynamic silhouette with sleek and taut lines, in contrast with the more muscular and solid lower part. The slender windscreen extends into a floating roof that runs down to a steep-sloping rear window, giving the car a coupé-style SUV look. The aerodynamic spoiler with cut-outs featured on the roof drop is topped by a shark fin antenna to give the car a very distinctive look.

Sporty design expression

Renault designers have equipped the KIGER with several features to give the car a sporty look. The front grille’s 3D graphic finish with honeycomb-shaped chromed effects is a perfect example, while the Aluminium Finish skid plate further enhances the rear bumper.

The boot door’s sloping and sporty rear window, finished off with the integrated spoiler, once again highlights KIGER’S aerodynamic silhouette.

Modern and striking front end

The upper strip formed by the front grille and the LED daytime running lights positioned at both ends give the car an elevated stance. The highly recognisable lower part divides the bumper into two areas, each large corner featuring three LED headlights separately encased in a chrome octagonal unit with PURE VISION and a chrome reflector. This coherent and overlapping split-design contrasts with the bodywork and gives a strong identity with modernity and sophistication.

Rear lighting signature

All-new LED taillights light up the rear of the car. The tail lamp units with glossy black inserts are resolutely modern and distinctive within the segment, outlining the KIGER’S rear double C-shaped lighting signature. They are featured at each end of the bodywork and extend out over the wings, providing Kiger a distinct unique personality.

Two-tone bodycolour

The KIGER comes in six exciting body colours: Ice Cool White, Planet Grey, Moonlight Grey, Mahogany Brown, Caspian Blue, Radiant Redwith Mystery Black Roof. All trim-levels include a two-tone option. Providing an opportunity to customers to choose from the wide range of single or dual tone colour options, Radiant Red which is an exclusive colour will only be available as a top variant under two-tone colour scheme.


A compact yet surprisingly spacious vehicle

KIGER interiors are called the smart cabin as it combines technology, functionality and roominess. KIGER is just under four metres long and falls into the compact SUV category, yet thanks to the CMFA+ platform DNA, just like Triber it offers segment leading roominess, cabin storage and cargo space. The interior has been designed to perfectly combine the sturdiness of an SUV with a focus on sophistication and technology.  With a high centre console, 20.32cm floating display link and wireless smart phone replication, KIGER interiors have been specially designed to encourage sharing and convenience.

Attractive style

The chiselled curves that play with light and shade give the impression of a floating cockpit, accentuated by piano-style control dials, suspended air conditioning controls and a pedestal that is easily accessible from the centre console. The console features a 20.32 cm floating touch screen, giving the passenger compartment a modern look, and so does a 17.78cm Multi-Skin Reconfigurable TFTcolour cluster.

Unprecedented comfort and roominess

The KIGER provides record levels of roominess with space onboard that you can feel. At the front, the KIGER offers a 710-mm Couple Distance between seats – the best in its segment. At the rear, KIGER provides best in segment second row legroom (222mm) and elbow room (1431mm). The seat height provides a commanding driving position accentuating driving comfort.

Optimum Boot capacity

The Kiger sets a very high standard when it comes to load capacity, offering the best boot capacity in the segment (405 litres which extends to 879 litres with second row folded).

Optimised storage space

The KIGER provides passengers with a whole host of clever storage compartments for a total onboard capacity of 29L including four 1L water bottle holders and 2 cup holders– an outstanding figure in the segment. The central armrest hides a 7.5 litre storage space while the glove compartment has an unprecedented volume of 10.5 litres.Smart solutions like these allow multi-level access organised with the needs of passengers in mind.

Smart and practical passenger compartment

The KIGER’S smart cockpit was designed to give a practical onboard experience without detracting from the style. Its new technology makes every day driving easy and enjoyable.

Modern and smart central console

The KIGER’S high, wide centre console is focused around a large 20.32 cm floating touch screen that features wireless smart phone replication for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto at higher trims. Wireless smart phone replication allows passengers to connect their smartphones seamlessly and access the special driving and multimedia apps. Passengers can select five permanent shortcuts for faster access to apps and features. The system not only offers voice recognition through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but also Bluetooth connectivity that can pair with up to five devices, a USB socket for faster charging and a built-in MP4 video player.

MULTI-SENSE driving experience and ambiance lighting

At higher trim levels, the driver has access to MULTI-SENSE settings to select different driving modes. Engine mapping, gear changes (for automatic transmissions), the responsive steering column and the digital speedometer are reset when changing driving modes, for an optimum driving experience.

  • Multi-Skin 17.78 cm Reconfigurable TFT cluster changes its colour and widget configuration according to the mode selected, displaying useful information relevant to selected driving mode:
  • Normal mode: Provides an optimum driving parameter of the engine apt for city driving conditions. It also provides handy information like real-time & average fuel consumption all in a blue colour look.
  • Eco mode: Provides a drive which is inclined towards economic driving practices. Changing the overall appearance of the TFT into green, the indicators, like an animated leaf provides real time feedback to maximize economic driving.
  • Sports Mode: Provides a driving environment which is full of fun and sportiness, with crisper engine response and faster shifting. The overall TFT screen appearance turns into red with quick information of acceleration gauge, torque / power ratios etc providing drivers to have all the fun!

Premium sound system

The KIGER boasts a brand new, well-tuned quality sound system: The Auditorium 3D Sound system by Arkamys, with a technology that diffuses 3D sound tailor-made to suit the materials and shape of the passenger compartment. All in all, there are eight onboard speakers (four boomers, four tweeters). The system also automatically adjusts sound volume according to the speed of the vehicle at higher trim levels. The system can be activated and adjusted on demand to ensure the best sound quality whatever the route.

Hands-free smart access card

With the modern hands-free card for everyday convenience, doors can be opened and closed automatically, and the engine started without a key. The sensors in the card allow drivers to lock and unlock the doors without having to take the card out of their pocket or press a button. They can also start the vehicle without having to insert the card. The hands-free system also includes a door auto-lock function when drivers walk away from the vehicle. This feature is a real time-saver and incredibly convenient.

Easier manoeuvring

The KIGER uses technology to ensure safety with radar sensors and a reverse camera with guiding lines. The driver can enjoy greater visibility and precision when reversing or manoeuvring for parking. The turning radius is 5.02 metres.

Additional all-new exclusive features

The KIGER boasts a variety of unique features, including automatic air-conditioning, which can still be adjusted manually via the air-conditioning control.

Another new feature available at higher trim levels is the white ambient lighting in the passenger compartment. It lights up the storage compartment at the front of the centre console and the back of the front door grip handles.

Cockpit features back-lit steering wheel controls. These have a whole host of settings such as access to the onboard computer menu, speaker volume, phone and radio features and voice recognition. Kiger will also feature a first in segment PM2.5 Clean Air Filter. This advanced atmospheric filter fitted in to the ventilation system ensures good air quality inside the vehicle.


Platform and Engines

The KIGER features a new turbocharged petrol engine for more versatility and driving pleasure. The modular platform, designed by the Renault-Nissan Alliance and already featured on the Triber, provides the right balance between performance and efficiency.

A platform full of advantages

The KIGER shares the same modular platform as the Triber, meaning that it offers key advantages unparalleled in the market:

  • Roomier passenger compartment
  • Optimisation of engine compartment size
  • Best in Segment Cabin Storage space. Best in segment Cargo Space
  • Best in segment Rear elbow width – 3 passengers accommodated comfortably
  • Best in Segment turning Radius
  • Best in Segment dashboard visibility from rear seat
  • Comfort and driving pleasure
  • Best in segment fuel efficiency
  • Higher Ground Clearance

The KIGER’S platform and new engine guarantee response and versatility for the best possible driving experience.

Powerful engine and driving pleasure

The KIGER is fitted with a three-cylinder turbocharged 1.0-litre petrol engine, with a power output of 100 Ps and a torque of 160 Nm (available from 3,200 rpm). The engine has been tested for reliability and longevity, and offers the latest technological innovations already featured on the Clio and the Captur in Europe. It boasts the best fuel economy of its category with 20 km/litreconsumption.

The 1.0-litre 100 Ps turbocharged engine is paired with a five-speed manual gearbox. An X-TRONIC automatic continuously variable transmission will be available shortly after the KIGER’S commercial launch. This latest-generation CVT gearbox designed by the Alliance provides smooth and responsive transitions enhancing drivability and comfortin urban areas,along with excellent fuel efficiency.

The ENERGY 1.0-litre 72 Ps and 96 Nm naturally aspirated engine is also available in the KIGER range, with either a five-speed manual or the EASY-R five-speed robotised gearbox AMT, which provides the comfort of clutchless driving at affordable pricing. It features a manual mode that allows the driver to drive either in fully automatic or sequential mode. It ensures efficient engine starting, safe car-overtaking manoeuvres and the best possible driving pleasure, with an outstanding power-to-weight ratio and best in segment torque-to-weight ratio in the compact SUV segment.

Onboard safety

On board, the two front seats and the two rear side seats are fitted with three-point seatbelts, while the rear middle passenger seat features a two-point seatbelt.

The two front airbags for the driver and front-seat passenger along with the two side airbags round out the safety suite.

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