CavinKare’s CHIK brings the most ‘Convenient’ and ‘Affordable’ Hair Colour solution to people of Udaipur

~ CHIK Hair Colour shampoo launched in the city ~

Udaipur : CHIK Hair Colour shampoo -the future of “Do it yourself” hair colour in Udaipur, is a new product range from CHIK – the iconic Indian hair care brand from the house of CavinKare. CHIK Hair Colour Shampoo is a convenientsolution for traditional hair colour users which offers ease of use, no dependency on external help and reduces overall time taken for colouring. Through a truly personalized experience, CHIK customers in the region will be able to achieve exceptional colour results in just 10 minutes. This shampoo based & no ammonia hair colouring option will make colouring as simple as just shampooing the hair. With this unique and most relevant combination of ‘convenience’ and ‘affordability’, CHIK Hair Colour shampoo represents an entirely new” Do it yourself” hair colour offering to the people in and around Udaipur.

Commenting on the launch, Venkatesh Vijayaraghavan, Director & CEO – Personal Care & Alliances said, “Our research shows that majority of at-home hair colour users in the region don’t know exactly what hair colour product works best for them and worry about unpredictable colour results. These beauty conscious consumers are asking us for increasingly convenient and affordable quality product experiences. We wanted to fix that problem by innovating in this cornerstone of our business. We drew upon CavinKare’s R&D heritage and its history in consumer product innovation to deliver an exceptional at-home colour experience. I am confident of CHIK Hair Colour shampoo becoming the preferred choice of hair colour product for Udaipur consumers.”

The usage of CHIK Hair Colour shampoo is very simple as the product box comes with personalized application instructions. All the consumer has to do is wear gloves, apply CHIK hair colour shampoo on hair, keep it on for 10 minutes and wash with water.

Available at the price range of powder hair colours and combined with the goodness of natural ingredients like Amla, Henna, Hibiscus, Fenugreek and Bringhraj, CHIK hair colour shampoo is an affordable solution which guarantees 100 % coverage of grey hair. Priced at just Rs.15/-, CHIK Hair Colour shampoos are available in attractive packaging across the neighbourhood kirana and general stores.

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