Brainstorm on the industrial challenges of small medium businessmen at SME Connect 2019 organized by FedEx

Udaipur: FedEx, the world’s largest express transport company, held discussions with more than 100 industrialists in Udaipur to facilitate the delivery of their products to the corners of the world and brainstorm the challenges therein.

In a press conference organized on the occasion, FedEx Vice President Operations Mohammad Sayegh said that FedEx offers services to more than 220 countries and regions internationally, ensuring efficiency, security and reliability are our priority. Through our services we make life better by providing opportunities to goods and ideas. Due to our excellent international network, industries have got a means to reach new heights. In today’s time, this world class access is mandatory for industries.

FedEx is the world’s largest express transport company globally. We have been operating in India for more than three decades and providing services to major commercial sectors. FedEx started operations in India in 1984 through an alliance with a local service provider. In 1997, FedEx became the first carrier to launch all cargo flights from India. Today, FedEx is providing its services through the operation of more than 1000 vehicles across India with 6 thousand team members and weekly 23 flights.

FedEx’s Managing Director, Marketing Arthi Nagarajan said that SME events are held at SME hubs across the country. According to the Rajasthan government report, with a majority of contributors to the service and repair sector in Udaipur, textile, minerals, rubber plastics, petrol, chemicals, and agro-based industries, to directly employ more than 65000 people, from 10000 More MSME businesses are registered in Udaipur.

Over the years FedEx has been working closely with SMEs around the world as we believe that SMEs will change the face of global trade across industrial sectors and geographic boundaries. We are instrumental in the success of the logistics industry and FedEx supports them, not only by providing fast and reliable logistics but also by helping them with expertise in business rules and supply chain management, we are playing a key role in moving them forward.

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