Hindustan Zinc’s four business units bags 19 awards at the 33rd MEMC (Mines Environment & Mineral Conservation) Week

  • Company’s, Agucha, Dariba, Zawar, and KayadMines have been recognised under different categories of sustainable operations
  • Sindesar Khurd Mine took the first position, where Agucha and Kayad Mine took the second position

Udaipur : Hindustan Zinc, India’s only and second world-largest integrated Zinc-Lead-Silver producer, has been recognised with 19 awards in different categories at the 33rd MEMC (Mines Environment and Mineral conservation). It was celebrated under the aegis of Indian Bureau of Mines, Ajmer region and during the award ceremony at Jodhpur, all winners were felicitated.

The awards received by Hindustan Zinc were in different categories – 1st prize for sustainable development, the 2nd prize for systematic and scientific development, the 3rd prize for mineral beneficiation, and the 3rd prize for the waste dump to Sindesar Khurd Mine;ZawarmalaMine won 2nd in Mineral Conservation and 3rd in Environmental Monitoring; BaroiMine won 1st in Environmental Monitoring, 1st in Afforestation, 2nd in Publicity and Propaganda, 3rd in Mineral Conservation, and 3rd in Sustainable Development. MochiaMine received second place in mineral beneficiation and second place in reclamation and rehabilitation.Further, Rajpura Dariba Mine won 1st prize in Mineral Beneficiation, 2nd prize in Systematic & Scientific Development and 3rd prize in Reclamation & Rehabilitation. Agucha Mine received 1st prize in waste dump management, 1st prize in reclamation and rehabilitation and 2nd prize in systematic and scientific development. Kayad Mine won 1st Prize in Systematic and Sustainable development &Publicity and Propaganda, 2nd in Sustainable Development and Overall Performance.

On receiving the awards, Mr. Arun Misra, CEO of Hindustan Zinc, said, “Such recognition is indeed encouraging as we progress toward scientific and efficient mining techniques for a sustainable future. As a pledge to a sustainable future, we are committed to integrating People, Planet, and Prosperity according to the internationally acclaimed triple bottom line concept. As always, Hindustan Zinc strives to adopt mining practices that secures the environmental and social norms.

Among the first mining companies to commit to Net Zero 2050, Hindustan Zinc emphasizes sustainability in many ways by maintaining high ESG standards, actioning against climate change, and conserving water and energy. Hindustan Zinc is a leader in sustainable operations and has always believed in the importance of environmental conservation and organizes various activities to support the cause.

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