Prince Pipes and Fittings raids Rajasthan’s Himalaya Plastics to bust duplicate product racket

Company seizes duplicate product and machinery worth Rs. 60 lakh

Udaipur :  Rajasthan based, “Himalaya Plastics” a manufacturer and exporter of plastic materialscompany was raided for manufacturing and selling the duplicate product of Prince Pipes and Fittings Limited (PPFL). The raid was conducted in Sumerpur district, Rajasthan by the officials of Prince Pipes, local government bodies and, private investigators.

The company has conducted 5 raids across the country over last 18 months to safe customer interest.

During the course of the raid products like SWR Pipes, Die&Extruder Machine were found at one of the factories. The stock with a face value of 8-10 lakh and machinery worth Rs. 50 lakh was seized and the complaint is lodged against the owner under the Trademark & Copyright Act.

Commenting on the successful raid the spokesperson of Prince Pipes and Fitting Limited, said “We are committed to customer satisfaction by meeting their needs & expectations. We believe the trade; consumers & the institutions understand that we have been transparent in communicating our manufacturing process which is of top quality. We are asking the consumers to take a conscious call to buy.”

The company further added,“We are focused on protecting the rights of our Consumers, Distributors, Retailers and will not allow nor encourage the unscrupulous players manufacturing and distributing substandard, poor-quality products in the market using our Brand name or infringing on our trademark. The customer should follow a three-step guide, to ensure that product they buy is genuine PPFL product, i.e. the MUDRA of ZERO-DEFECT manufacturing process and three crown Prince Logo and PRINCE PIPES AND FITTINGS LIMITED”

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