Rocky & Mayur embark on a road trip across Rajasthan, experience Sanitised Stays at OYO hotels in Udaipur

Udaipur : The pandemic jolted several countries into lockdown, with India implementing one of the world’s largest and stringent ones. As the country takes a step towards normalcy with each unlocking phase, people are excited to walk freely across the streets, visit salons, meet their family and friends after long and of course, turn up their engines to hit the roads, but with gallons of hand sanitisers, masks and gloves. With India moving forward with Unlock 3.0, OYO launched its Road Trippin campaign under the larger theme #DekhoApnaDesh. As a part of the campaign, the world’s leading hospitality chain joined hands with India’s favorite men on the highway – Rocky & Mayur to inspire travellers who wish to step out of their homes after months in lockdown, put their cars in gear and head on exciting road trips across India, safely.

As a part of this campaign, Rocky & Mayur embarked on a 14-day road trip across Rajasthan’s most scenic locations, including  Jaipur, Ajmer, Mount Abu, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Bundi, and Pushkar. The duo stayed at OYO’s most sought-after property at Capital O 66699 Badi Garh Resort And Spa. During their stay at Ajmer’s best OYO properties, they experienced OYO’s Sanitised Stays initiatives with minimal touch policies, digital check-ins, check-outs, a higher standard of hygiene, and cleanliness among others. Along the way, in a digital exclusive V-logging series, the duo shared their journey on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

Commenting on the partnership, Mayur Hola, Head of Global Brand at OYO said, “Everyone’s done sitting at home. We’re all done with throwbacks, Dalgonas, banana breads, jhadu-pocha, and circling the terrace. With air travel taking a back seat in the near future, most of us want to hit the road and getaway. Many are doing so already. All our surveys are throwing up the same. At OYO, we’re all about creating engaging and relatable experiences for our consumers on-ground and online. With Rocky & Mayur, we will highlight OYO’s Sanitised Stays in some swell properties across Udaipur and familiarise our guests with our partners & employees who stand ready to welcome everyone. Masks on, a gentle ‘Namaste’ over a firm handshake while maintaining high standards of sanitisation. With the right precautionary measures, we’re geared up to offer travellers with quality accommodations at affordable prices.”

Speaking about their experiences, Rocky Singh said, “We are back and we are ready to turn up our cars and hit the roads, once again. It’s been super long since we’ve been in our natural habitat – the highways. We were thrilled when OYO reached out to us to travel across Rajasthan and experience their hospitality along the way. We stayed at a really amazing OYO property in Udaipur. It was really great to experience OYO’s preparedness to welcome guests back safely into their hotels, with their Sanitised Stays initiative. All employees that we came across wore masks, gloves, and used hand sanitizers. The rooms were impeccably clean and comfortable with some really great views.”

Adding on, Mayur Sharma said, “We feel like people are waiting to travel again but want someone to take that first step and test the waters, so here we are taking that step for them with OYO. Our stay has been exceptional. All kudos to OYO’s staff that worked round the clock to ensure that we not only had a safe experience but also a pleasant and happy stay. Rajasthan has truly been a breath of fresh air for us. This has been a great trip and we hope that travellers who are itching to step out of their homes are able to fire up their engines and hit the roads, just like we did, soon!”

OYO’s consumer use cases highlight that 56% of consumers are inclined towards taking road trips as lockdowns ease across the country. The majority of OYO’s social audience also picked travelling by road as their top mode of commute. According to OYO’s internal survey results, 50% of Indians will choose to travel within a motorable distance of 200 kms or neighbouring towns/states.

In Udaipur, OYO’s best hotels at affordable prices that implement Sanitised Stays include Capital O 66699 Badi Garh Resort And Spa and Capital O73869 La Fortuna Resort And Spa.

Capital O 66699 Badi Garh Resort And Spa

Located at Rani Road in Bari, this property boasts of cozy and elegant rooms that are closer to nature. Amenities include pre-booking meals, spa pet friendly, in-house restaurant, conference rooms and workspaces, and a banquet hall.

Capital O73869 La Fortuna Resort And Spa 

Located near Near Maharana Pratap Airport, this property offers guests with complimentary buffet breakfast, 24/7 checkin, in-house restaurant and banquet hall facilities.

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