TAFE offers free tractor rental for small farmers of Rajasthan during COVID-19

Udaipur | In an attempt to mitigate the impact of the Coronavirus threat on small and marginal farmers of Rajasthan and to support the farming community during a crucial cropping season, TAFE, under its CSR initiative, announced a free tractor rental scheme through its JFarm Services platform, for a duration of 90 days starting April 1, 2020. This scheme will be available across 20 districts of Rajasthan.

TAFE, towards this initiative has brought together a large group of its Massey Ferguson and Eicher tractors and will offer 11,000 tractors and 50,000 implements on a free rental basis. The renters hiring out Massey Ferguson, Eicher Tractors and implements will be paid directly by the company.

Farmers can book their orders on JFarm Services mobile app or toll-free helpline
1800-4200-100, as well as various on-ground touchpoints like its field officers, dealer network etc. across the state, who are already working closely with the farming community of Rajasthan.

TAFE’s Chairman and Managing Director – Mallika Srinivasan said, “The Rajasthan Government has shown great sensitivity to the needs of the farmers during COVID-19 crisis and we are grateful to the government for accepting TAFE’s CSR initiative to offer free rental services of Massey Ferguson and Eicher Tractors to support the small and marginal farmers of Rajasthan. TAFE has gathered a large number of customers to register their Massey Ferguson and Eicher tractors on the JFarm Services platform to ensure the farm mechanization needs of small farmers of the state are met during the Rabi season.”

Speaking on this, Mr. Naresh P Gangwar, Principal Secretary – Department of Agriculture, Government of Rajasthan said, “It is good to see socially responsible organizations like Tractors and Farm Equipment (TAFE) extend timely help and support to the farming community by offering free rental of Massey Ferguson and Eicher Tractors during the Rabi season, especially when they are facing distress due to the COVID-19 threat. The Government of Rajasthan welcomes TAFE’s effort during this critical juncture”.

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