Walmart Marketplace Launches Dedicated Indian Sellers Landing Page and Kicks-Off Global Seller Meet Series

Udaipur :  Today, Walmart announced the launch of a dedicated page for Indian sellers to register and sell on the company’s marketplace site, In Jaipur, Rajasthan, today, Walmart also hosted a Global Seller Meet kicking off a series of regional events to help prospective sellers with insights and knowledge on consumer and category trends and assist with onboarding support and catalogue setup.Global Seller Meets are planned throughout the year across the country.

Opened to India sellers in 2021, Walmart Marketplace now hosts tens of thousands of SKUs from products made, grown or assembled in India. Walmart’s U.S. marketplace is one of the fastest growing eCommerce platforms in the world. Its revenue increased 45 percent last fiscal year while the number of Walmart Sellers grew by 20 percent.

Walmart Marketplace has no monthly fees or setup cost for new sellers. Earlier this year, the company announced the New Seller Savings programs where participants receive up to 50 percent off referral and Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) fees for their first 90 days on WFS provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for sellers to get their inventory closer to U.S. customers.

Michelle Mi, Vice President of Emerging Markets and Business Development for Walmartsaid, “India is a priority market for Walmart, and the dedicated landing page builds upon our longstanding commitment to Indian sellers. Walmart Marketplace strives to unlock the potential of Indian businesses by giving sellers access to customers around the world. Through dedicated onboarding support and expertise in navigating global supply chains, we’re empowering sellers with the tools they need to thrive in the U.S. marketplace and beyond.”

Currently on the U.S. Marketplace, Indian sellers can list inventory in categories including Home Textile, Bath, Home Décor, Apparel, Jewelry, Toys and Beauty with complete control over pricing.  The company seeks to add Indian manufacturers and brand owners across various categories to its marketplace and drive value for millions of customers.

Selling on helps businesses build a digital supply chain, while receiving support in navigating export processes and understanding U.S. consumer preferences.

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