Gillette launches the new Guard 3, with three blades for an improved shave

Udaipur : From launching the first ever Gillette Guard designed especially for Indian male consumers to shave in the sanctity of their homes at their own convenience, today Gillette announces the launch of another revolutionary product. Giving men the closest most affordable shave,Guard 3, offers a far more superior and safer shave with 3 blades at an incredibly affordable price of Rs. 60.

With a new approach to designing the razor, Gillette reinvented the innovation process, understanding the evolving needs of the Guard user, and addressing challenges to build the new Guard 3. Changing consumer trends and requirements indicate that men want shaving to be a smooth and fast process, younger men want to achieve perfection almost instantly. Riding on this wave Guard 3 comes with three blades, for a quick smooth shave,sturdy handle, enhanced comb guard feature, a lubra strip that helps to reduce nicks, cuts and irritation, while smoothly gliding over skin, besides ensuring better hygiene for the consumer.

KarthikSrivatsan, Associate Director & Country Category Leader, Shave Care, Indian Sub-Continent at P&G said,“At Gillette, we will never stopinnovating our products to make the shaving experience better for Indian men. The new Gillette Guard 3 is designed for the younger generation of men,it is an ideal choice, where he will take one stroke and the razor takes three. The new variation of our flagship product shows our commitment to the consumers of India which ensures that every man usesa razor that helps him look, feel and be his best.”

In line with the truly revolutionary product, the communication is devised to target the emerging young male customer segment, thus showcasing the products’ prowess and integrating consumer behaviour effectively.

Gillette’s campaign, for the launch of Guard 3, taps into an integral consumer insight – that there are  people who have an inherit sense of being one step ahead of the curve, the Guard 3 campaign is an ode to them. They are the ones who are always a step ahead be it anything their work is always, ‘Done, Dona, Done, Done’ tying it back to the quick shave the Guard 3 gives them becoming an enabler for them to move quicker.

Thecampaignfilm showcases the go-to-guy achieving tasks in mere seconds whereas his brother in the film is surprised to see, how he manages to complete his shave so soon. The protagonist then explains how he uses Gillette Guard 3, where his one stroke equals three, hence helping him accomplish his shave in a much lesser time.

Gillette Guard 3 joins the brand’s expansive product line-up of disposable and systems razors, trimmers and shaving products. The wide array of offerings aligns to the company’s commitment to manufacture the highest quality razor blades, so all men can experience their best shave at home – no matter the budget or style, skin condition or hair type.The new Guard 3 is available across all retail outlets and ecommerce platforms and is priced at INR 60 for a razor; refill cartridges can be purchased for INR 35 for one cartridge and INR 90 for three cartridges. Final pricing is at the sole discretion of the retailer.

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