• SAMADHAN has supported farmers with sustainable, innovative and cost-effective farming techniques
  • Wide-ranging mandate includes care of livestock, livestock development, increase in crop yield, and strengthening the farming community.
  • Over 28,000 farmers have benefitted from innovative agricultural practices and cattle breeding and animal advisory services

Udaipur : Farming is one of the major contributors to India’s GDP. Millions of families depend upon this profession. The percentage of the population involved in agriculture is vast, close to 60%, and it is growing. Thus, it is the country’s responsibility to make sure that the industry is well equipped to meet the present and future demands. Hindustan Zinc, under its SAMADHAN Project, has assisted farmers with ways to increase their income-generating capacity.

The primary aspect of farming is the farming methods being used today. India’s farmers should be using innovative and tech-friendly ways to cultivate crops, but unfortunately, many farmers are either not aware of the latest developments, or don’t have the financial means to implement them.

To spread the scientific temper and maximise the productivity of various farms in Rajasthan, the SAMADHAN project was expanded from its initial objectives. It focused on the agrarian community-based in five districts in Rajasthan – Ajmer, Chittorgarh, Bhilwara, Udaipur, and Rajsamand.

Through the SAMADHAN program, the company has supported farmers with sustainable, innovative, and cost-effective techniques. As a result, over 35,800 cattle of over 3400 livestock owners, including women farmers, have benefited. By supporting a multi-faceted approach, they have been able to reach out to more than 11,500 families to ensure a plentiful supply of fresh and nutritious feed for cattle and provide 24/7 veterinarian services. By implementing this project, Hindustan Zinc helped improve the livelihood of farmers by providing them with the right technical training. In addition to offering deworming, vaccinations, and artificial insemination (AI) of livestock, the camp also treated diseases associated with the monsoon.

In addition, SAMADHAN has developed over 263 acres of land with fruit-bearing plants, improving the ecological balance and economic security of the community. Through its Integrated Livestock Development Center, SAMADHAN has produced 5338 female progenies and an overall increment of milk production by 19%. Moreover, the animal health camps have catered to more than 1 lakh large and small ruminants.

SAMADHAN is also expanding into ‘Farmer Producer’ institutions/organisations in an effort to strengthen the farming community and improve sustainability. By enhancing and ensuring the efficient trickle-down of agriculture and livestock innovations until the farm level, SAMADHAN will become an aspirational program for other states and regions.

SAMADHAN saw a 12% increase in maize production just in the past year, with an average of 6.3 quintals per bigha. Accordingly, Hindustan Zinc also initiated a hi-tech vegetable cultivation program to produce exotic crops such as Strawberry, Broccoli, and Lettuce. With these interventions and best practices, the farmers were able to earn an increment of average income by INR 20,000 vegetables during the cropping cycle and it goes up to INR 90,000 for exotic English.

SAMADHAN has now been in operation for more than four years with the support of its implementing partner BAIF Livelihoods. During this period, 13,838 farmers benefited from innovative agricultural practices specific to their area and more than 15000 farmers saw improved cattle breeding and animal advisory services.

Hindustan Zinc Limited, joined hands with Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology (MPUAT), and BAIF Livelihoods (Bharatiya Agro Industries Foundation), to expand its SAMADHAN program which has since impacted more than 30,000 farmers across the state of Rajasthan.

MPUAT will support the program by providing technical assistance on the farm and educational training at the institution to attract progressive farmers within our community.

Modernising farming methods in this manner enables farmers to become educated, helping the community and villages nearby to become circular economies.

The way farming is done is fundamental for our lives too, as we depend upon those grains for our daily nutritional needs. Therefore, it is highly essential that our agricultural sector receives the best technology and innovation possible. We also need to make sure that the technology is sustainable, keeping the future in mind. Hindustan Zinc will always put every possible effort into empowering and educating the communities residing in rural areas.

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