Walmart Vriddhi empowers over 58,000 MSMEs through digital training, increased access to customers and marketplaces, and business growth

Udaipur : Surpassing its goal of training 50,000 MSMEs by December 2024, Walmart’s supplier development program, Walmart Vriddhi, has digitally empowered over 58,000 micro-, small- and medium enterprises (MSMEs) across Indiaby providingthem with free of cost access to digital training, business advice, and personalized mentorship opportunities. Theseresources are helping them unlocktheir potential for business growth and better access to customers pan-India.

MSMEs act as the cornerstone of India’s economy today, contributing over 30% to the country’s GDP while creating millions of job opportunities. They foster innovation and growth opportunities, further promoting India’s entrepreneurial spirit. The Walmart Vriddhi program, launched in 2019 with Swasti as the program partner, is designed to equip MSMEs with the know-how and tools they need to succeed in supply chains by combining Walmart’ssupplier development experience and Flipkart’s platform expertise. More than 14,500 MSMEs are currently onboarded onto the Flipkart marketplace and are seeing notable increase in sales since joining the pan-India platform.

Today, the program has facilitated the growth of diverse MSMEs, including over 10,000 women-led businesses, young entrepreneurs, family-owned businesses, those focused on environmental sustainability in their supply chains (encompassing sourcing, manufacturing, and packaging), and entrepreneurs selling eco-friendly products. A notable number of MSMEs have indicated their interest in building sustainable products such as toys, handicrafts, reusable sanitary pads, and diapers, among others.

Here are a few Walmart Vriddhi graduate stories from different parts of the country, who employ sustainable practices in their businesses:

–         Samakhya Sustainable Practices, led by Prerna Agarwal, is dedicated to bringing together natural fibers and green crafts to create sustainable alternatives. It is also a testament to the power of social entrepreneurship; collaborating with over 3000 artisans and farmers in remote regions, Samakhya empowers local communities and preserves traditional techniques. Their use of regenerative pastoral fibers creates unique thermal and acoustic handcrafted lifestyle products.

–         MohanJodero Handicrafts, established by Yashovardhan Sharma, revives India’s rich cultural heritage through exquisite brass handicrafts. Sharma employs artisans who breathe life into each product, possessing skills passed down through generations, hidden in the country’s nooks and crannies. By building a network of artisans who share his passion for quality and authenticity, Sharma leverages digital marketing, SEO (Search engine optimization), and social media insights gained through Walmart Vriddhi to sell his unique, handcrafted products to customers from across India.

–       Ecoserve India, founded by Anindita Chaudhuri, is an earth-friendly brand dedicated to reducing plastic pollution and incorporating sustainable, natural fibers and grasses such as kauna, shitalpati, bamboo, water hyacinth, areca leaves, and jute. Anindita’s tribal artisans create decorations, artifacts, bags, baskets, hampers, mats, jewelry, and bamboo towels from sustainable materials. Out of the 30 artisans that Ecoserve employs, 90% are women, and everyone is compensated for every piece they make, regardless of gender.

Jason Fremstad, Senior Vice President, Supplier Development, Walmart, says, “Through the Walmart Vriddhi program, we have seen incredible resilience in MSME graduates as they showcase their exceptional innovation and commitment towards making a positive contribution in their communities. We are thrilled to be part of their journey helping them grow, fostering inclusivity, and creating lasting impact.”

Rajneesh Kumar, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Flipkart Group, says, “The Walmart Vriddhi program has been instrumental in fostering a culture of growth among MSMEs in every facet of their businesses. By helping onboard thousands of MSMEs onto Flipkart marketplace as sellers, in line with our mission, we are happy to enhance their market reach, help them thrive in the eCommerce space, and contribute to their prosperity and business growth.”

Joseph Julian, Program Director from Swasti, said, “It’s encouraging to see how Walmart Vriddhi graduates have been able to integrate learnings into their business and benefit from the curriculum. Seeing many of them operate their businesses in a way that benefits their communities, and the environment has been gratifying.”

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