Zinc Kaushal Kendra’s 1st batch of 13 Hearing and Speech impaired youthget employed

Udaipur : Today in this modern world, it is imperative to build an inclusive and evolving community that offers equal opportunities for everyone to grow and prosper. Hindustan Zinc, adhering to its core philosophy to build a progressive environment that promotes a culture of prosperity for the people within and the community around its operations, has successfully empowered the hearing and speech impaired youth to get recruited by the mainstream industry.

Zinc Kaushal Kendra, one of the flagship CSR programmes under Hindustan Zinc trained 13 hearing and speech impaired youth to become “Aatmanirbhar”. This first batch of specially abledyoung &bright minds were trained & empowered by Hindustan Zinc’s Zinc Kaushal Kendra for three months at Debari, Udaipur. They have now achieved 100% placement and the trainees who were enrolled, throughout the program showcased excellent technical knowledge and expertise. With the training gained, they have been placed in domains like Hospitality and Retail.

On achieving this milestone, Arun Misra, CEO Hindustan Zinc, said ‘I am happy that the specially abled youth of Zinc Kaushal Kendra are now employed and future-ready to make their mark in their careers. The success of this initiative further strengthens our objective of inclusive development and socio-economic empowerment of the communities thus building a life of dignity and respect.

Most of the trainees enrolled in the programme are not part of regular education programme and some of them are dropouts after class 10th and 12th. Zinc Kaushal Kendra’s training program aided them to get a career opportunity and become self-reliant and employed. Cheers of happiness and celebration were visible on the students’ and their parents faces who may not have envisioned such training and employment opportunities.

The social and economic empowerment of the community in the vicinity of its operational units has always been a priority for Hindustan Zinc, a Vedanta group company. Strengthening this commitment, Zinc Kaushal Kendra in last 3 years hasindirectly helpedindustries by providing them with more than 4,000 skilled youth who are noweither employed or are entrepreneurs.The Zinc Kaushal Kendra was initially established with the goal to offer short-duration intensive courses in different trades and profiles. Expanding the reach of the programme, Hindustan Zinc started the 1st batch of 13 students comprising Hearing and Speech impaired youth3months back to make them independent with employment opportunities in the mainstream industries.

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