G.R. Infraprojects’ longassociation with Tata Motors reaping mutual benefits for the companies

Udaipur : The infrastructure and the logistics sectors have witnessed a phenomenal and unprecedented growth in the last few decades and currently, it collectively contributes to roughly 9% of India’s overall GDP. The industry is further expected to grow exponentially at a healthy CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of about 7% between 2020 and 2025, predominantly on the back of increased investments from the government as well as the resumption of construction activities in the post lockdown phase. The road and the highway sector have received further impetus in the recently announced Union Budget 2021, with the highest ever allocation for the sector. The development of roads and highways in a country is an objective yardstick in a nation’s development and one of the biggest players in this sector is Rajasthan-based G.R. Infraprojects Limited.

Founded in 1965, G.R. Infraprojects Limited, is one of the leading construction companies in India, having constructed over 89 projects across 19 states in India, in last 15 years alone and Tata Motors vehicles have played a fundamental role in their success story. G.R. Infraprojects owns about 900 tippers, 300 ready-mix concrete (RMC) mixers, 250 water tankers, 200 utility vehicles, 100 tractor-trailers and 400 additional vehicles used in other construction transportation applications. The company had an annual turnover Rs. 9,500 crore in the last FY and presently company has projects worth Rs. 20,000 crore in the pipeline.

Mr. Devkinandan Agarwal, Director – Mechanical, G.R. Infraprojects, attributes a major chunk of the success to Tata Motors trucks and has acknowledged the reliability and strength of the vehicles for the company’s operations. He says, “G.R. Infraprojects has been associated with Tata Motors for over five decades and have been fundamental in their construction activities across the country. Tata Motors trucks have become a central pillar of the operations for our company. We are growing at a healthy rate on the virtue of Tata Motors quality products and strong and effective aftersales services. Tata Motors trucks provide an outstanding technological edge as the vehicles are integrated with modern telematics system and features like track and trace, trip playbacks, geo-fencing and driver behaviour monitoring that has helped in boosting productivity and efficiency”. He further adds that Tata Motors initiatives such as Tata Samarth programme have been extremely beneficial for the drivers and their families and have been well received by the driver community.

Tata Motors’ advanced engineered products, high-quality aftersales service and the commitment to support the customers have been the key factors for industry-leading companies like G.R. Infraprojects immense trust and dependence on Tata Motors vehicles. Tata Motors’ alliance with G.R. Infraprojects will continue to strengthen with time, helping both organisations reap mutual benefits and scale greater heights of success.

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