Hindustan Zinc receives Platinum Award at Apex India Occupational Health & Safety Award 2023

The company has been recognized for its #SafetyFirst work culture

Udaipur : Hindustan Zinc, a Vedanta Group company, has been honored with the prestigious Platinum Award at Apex India Occupational Health & Safety Award 2023. Presented by the esteemed Apex India Foundation, this recognition lauds thecompany’s commitment towards a Safety-First culture.

Apex India Occupational Health & Safety Award serves as a validation of Hindustan Zinc’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards of safety and well-being for its workforce. Throughout its operational journey, the company has consistently implemented robust safety measures, training programs and continuous improvement initiatives.

Central to Hindustan Zinc’s safety initiatives is its ‘Aarohan’ program, launched in 2013,reflectingtheir commitment to employee well-being. Anchored by a corporate occupational health and safety council, this initiative drivesthe company’s Safety Management System, encapsulating a holistic approach to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) standards.

Further, demonstrating aproactive stance towards safety, Hindustan Zinc has introduced a series of initiatives including Critical Risk Management (Vihan), Safety Pause, Emergency Response Training and the deployment of cutting-edge technologies such as Tele-Remote Operations and Underground Drones. The company’semphasis on safety intertwines seamlessly with its commitment todiversity and inclusion. Notably, the company has led the industry by establishingIndia’s 1stAll Women Underground Mine Rescue Team.

Hindustan Zinc, India’s largest and world’s secondlargest integrated zinc producer, remains steadfast in its pursuit of growth while upholding the ethos of Safety First across all facets of its operations. The company’s efforts has borne fruit as they achievedZero Fatalities in the financial year 2024.

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