MobilCelebratesthe First-ever MotoGP Bharatby PoweringRed Bull KTM Factory Racing Team

Udaipur : Mobilis turbo-powering the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team at the inaugural MotoGPBharat, debuting at the Buddh International Circuit for the 2023 Grand Prix of India fromSept. 22 to 24, 2023.
Celebrating the global partnership between ExxonMobil and the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team, the adrenaline-pumping showdown by the two riders – Australian Jack Miller and South African Brad Binder for whom winning is next to second nature, having demonstrated their mettle and prowess in global circuits, will bear witness to the full-throttle performance of theirKTM RC16 bikes.
The two riders will power their Grand Prix bikes with the performance and confidence assured byMobil.They alsoshared their excitement with fans at a recent Mobil event held at Jaypee Greens, whereJack Miller launchedthe Mobil Super Moto™10W-30.
With proven engine protection, longer engine life, and better fuel economy, the Mobil Super Moto™10W-30 is just what everyday riders across the country need. Moreover, the product packaging will now feature the Red Bull KTMFactory Racing Team logo on its label.
The Mobil brands will also be prominently displayed on the bikes, rider overalls, garage,and team kit.
Vipin Rana, CEO – ExxonMobil Lubricants Pvt. Ltd., said: “We are further expanding our presence in the world of motorsports with theRed Bull KTMFamily. In addition to our current successful partnership with Oracle Red Bull racing team in Formula1, we have also enteredMotoGP through a multi-year deal with the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team. We look forward to being part of the team’s success through the supply of our cutting-edge Mobil lubricants and fuels to improve KTM’s performance.Racing provides Mobil the ultimate testing ground to improve motorcycle lubricant technology, giving confidence and trust to all bike enthusiasts”.
Pit Beirer, KTM Motorsports Director: “This collaboration is important to us for a few reasons. ExxonMobil is a major name in the industry and motorsports with a big presence in racing and we know we will count on their premium lubricants for our Red Bull KTM RC16. They have a similar mentality to us when it comes to aiming for the top level and the best performance, and that also flows into our goals for the future where we really want to be part of this shift in MotoGP sustainability with race fuels. It´s a great privilege to represent Mobil lubricants in MotoGP competition.”

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