Hindustan Zinc hosts MEAI Rajasthan Chapter at Zawar Mines on Indian Mining Day

Udaipur : On the occasion of Indian Mining Day, Hindustan Zinc, India’s largest mining business, hosted the MEAI Rajasthan Chapter on November 1, 2021, at Zawar Group of Mines. “ESG strategy for Indian Mining Industry” was the theme for this year’s Indian Mining Day. The event exploredthe current scenario, technical advancements, and numerous concerns associated with ESG-based mining, as well as potential future innovations and advancements. Many dignitaries attended the mega event, including MrB.L.Kotriwala, Regional Controller of Mines, Indian Bureau of Mines,Mr.Praveen Sharma, COO Mines, Hindustan Zinc, Mr Y.C. Gupta, Chairman MEAI Rajasthan Udaipur Chapter and Mr M.S. Paliwal, Secretary MEAI Rajasthan Udaipur Chapter, Mr Kishore Kumar S, Director – Zawar Mines, Hindustan Zinc and Mr Sanjay Khator, Director – Dariba, Hindustan Zinc.

Indian Mining Day (IMD) is recognized and commemorated every year on November 1st. The Mining Engineers’ Association of India (MEAI), a national body with over 5000 members distributed over 25 regional chapters across the country, spearheads the celebration of Indian Mining Day. MEAI actively represents and honours all professionals in India’s minerals and mining sector on this day. To keep the mining professionals motivated and make the event more productive, a variety of talks and conversations were held at multiple locations across India. The mining industry experts address a wide spectrum of technical advancements, as well as current and future concerns in the mining sector through knowledge sharing. The mining sector in India is a key economic activity that contributes immensely to the economic growth and development of the country. The mining industry offers the resources for tomorrow’s innovations and technologies.

MEAI adopted ‘ESG Strategy for Indian Mining Industry’ as the theme this year where metal and mining industry is progressively addressing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues and challenges as a matter of priority.ESG presently integrates all environmental, social, and corporate governance topics into a comprehensive framework with a cohesive strategy that has the potential to enable a mining business to navigate the advantages and gains to the planet, people, and community more efficiently.

In response to hosting the MEAI Rajasthan Udaipur Chapter, Hindustan Zinc, CEO, Mr.  Arun Misra stated, “We are honoured to host MEAI Rajasthan Chapter at our Zawar Mines. At Hindustan Zinc, we are dedicated to implementing the best mining practices and ensuring environmental sustainability at the core. This year’s subject was especially intriguing, as it highlights the importance of focusing on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards. At the helm of transition towards sustainability companies should keep a key focus on ESG standards and framework which will enhance their operations, performance and investment possibilities”

At Hindustan Zinc, sustainability is an integral part of the business and has embarked on an ambitious sustainabilityjourney, led by the Sustainability Goals 2025. Hindustan Zinc is taking all possible efforts to limit climate change, mitigate its catastrophic effects, and ultimately save lives. In addition to setting ambitious targets to achieve sustainability in the business, the company has established a stronger governance structure, for increased transparency. Protecting and enhancing biodiversity is also an integral part of Hindustan Zinc’s commitment to sustainable development. The goals undertaken by Hindustan Zinc include GHG emissions reduction, water stewardship, circular economy, biodiversity conservation, zero harm, positive impact on local communities, diversity and equality and responsible sourcing. Hindustan Zinc strives to conserve natural resources and adopt greener technologies wherever possible to ensure its environmental footprint shrinks year on year.

Speaking on the occasion of Indian Mining Day Mr AK Kothari, Former President Mining Engineers Association of India said, “In the mining sector ESG has to become the cornerstone of operations and sustainability has to be incorporated at all levels. I am happy that big companies like Hindustan Zinc are stepping up and bringing sustainability at the core of all their operations. It was indeed a day to remember, and I salute the mining fraternity for their efforts in nation building”.

The event was commemorated at Hindustan Zinc’s flagship Zawar mines, one of India’s oldest Lead Zinc mines which has been the center of silver, lead, and zinc mining for over 2500 years. The mines are quite testaments to the country’s extractive prowess in ancient times. Zawar remains one of Hindustan Zinc Limited’s oldest and primary Zinc – Lead producing operations, with best-in-class technological advancements. Zawar Mines comprises of four mines: Mochia, Balaria, Zawar Mala, and Baroi. With on-going additions to its reserve and resource base, the Zawar group of mines are a mark of the Hindustan Zinc’s rich heritage and legacy.

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