Sensitizing Deaf and Mute Children: Hindustan Zinc Jeevan Tarang Program Conducts Road Safety Awareness Sessions

Udaipur :  Hindustan Zinc, takes another significant step in its commitment to empower people with disabilities through their flagship initiative, Jeevan Tarang program. As part of this ongoing effort, Road Safety awareness sessions were conducted, focusing on the safety and well-being deaf and mute students.

The session witnessed participation of over 300+ special students from class I to XI, aged 7 years and above. The sessions sensitized students hailing   from 3 schools in Ajmer, Bhilwara and Udaipur with an aim to educate them on essential road safety practices. The awareness session was conducted in Indian Sign Language by a well-versed trainer from Noida Deaf Society Trainers, proficient in catering to the unique needs of Deaf and mute individuals. The topics covered during the session included Parts of the road, Meaning of different lights, Dos and Don’ts on the road and Traffic symbols. The participants also had an opportunity to share their experiences and challenges related to road safety.

Furthermore, the session emphasized the importance of enhancing the alertness of special children on the roads, stressing additional road safety precautions they need to be aware of. This ensures they can be safe and confident while navigating the roads. The session concluded with a Q&A round, allowing the children to seek clarifications and gather more insights on the subject matter.

Hindustan Zinc’s Jeevan Tarang Program,was launched in 2017, with an aim of empowering people with disabilities by providing them better educational opportunities and ultimately transforming them into a contributing member of their families. Through dedicated efforts, the program has empowered nearly 700+ children with visual and auditory impairments, equipping them with essential skills to become contributing members of their families and society. The program’s success is evident through the learning achievements of over 600 children proficient in Indian Sign Language and the training of more than 100 visually impaired children in technological fields.

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